Creative commentary plus crafty composition

This morning, in the middle of a summer holiday weekend, Canada’s Prime Minister officially launched the Federal Election Campaign for the vote October 19th – why so early?

  • More opportunity for practicing those barbequing skills at public events
  • Lots of time to massage the message that extra taxpayer-funded spending is just a way of paying for a staycation
  • More frequent flier points for candidates, staff, and media
  • The early days of hot air from speeches becomes camouflaged by the hot air of August weather
  • Some of the policy themes are sink or swim oriented, so still time to do some swimming
  • More occasions to show off summer wardrobes
  • Better not to make all the announcements of campaign goodies before the official election launch
  • Summertime is when audiences are most receptive to large scale fictional entertainment with special effects
  • The media ads really started months ago, so the official stamp was just waiting
  • Nothing adds more to the foreground of a warm sunset than a sea of candidate signs

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