Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It’s the time of year to truly enjoy driving in the great outdoors – as long as you don’t get caught in compromising situations…

  • Juggling three cell phones to carry on a conference call
  • Hanging out an uncorked genie-in-a-bottle air freshener
  • Treating collector lanes as venues to build up your supply of road signs
  • Encouraging awareness of Morse code through dedicated use of emergency flashers
  • Continuously driving in circles and figure eights when you see ‘turn’ signs
  • Having a giant scoop on one side of the vehicle to pick up pedestrians and deposit them at random
  • Churning long clouds of dust by driving on road shoulders
  • Picking up hitchhikers, then giving them driving tests
  • Practicing open field basketball tosses to get rid of garbage
  • Blocking entrances in order to induce connecting with strangers

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