Creative commentary plus crafty composition

A little practice, and you too can become an expert…

  • The Hand Sandwich cut into quarters   (the reveal: start with the premise it’s really finger food)
  • Turning Powder into lemonade only using water (the reveal: using a clear pitcher enhances the transition effect)
  • Correctly Guessing an assistant’s secretly chosen scented crayon (the reveal: don’t have a cold or other olfactory inhibitor)
  • Cutting a Loaf into slices without a cutting board  (the reveal: use a serrated knife)
  • Catching fish in an aquarium without a rod & reel (the reveal: use an invisible line & lure)
  • Making Borrowed coins find a new home in your cookie jar (the reveal: distract the mark with delicious, fresh cookies)
  • Levitating Your Toes in a foot massage (the reveal: keep your feet arched upwards)
  • Smudged glasses creating optical illusions (the reveal: don’t use a high quality dish cleaner)
  • Picking the only blue ink pen from a group of black ink pens (the reveal: don’t allow the same colours to pair up)
  • Stacking up barbeque or fireplace ashes in the shape of the CN Tower (the reveal: have a large, hidden supply of clear glue or honey)

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