Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Time to bask in the glow of more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Being short on instruments is one thing, but trying to play the field is going to take a lot of suspension of belief from the audience
  • Now that shaking the box is over the top should reveal some of those elusive raisins
  • The play with the big boys was far from a classic, as there was anemic character development
  • Once the play was over my head stopped spinning from the lack of character development
  • We can probably cope with poisoning the well, as long as maybe and O.K. are left alone
  • A quick buck from the mule shows it’s still mobile but has a temper
  • The good thing about the pot calling the kettle black is that at least they’re talking
  • Get them out of that circular corral if you want them to quit horsing around
  • Assuming the plain as day is really only valid for about 17 of the 24 hours
  • The British shopkeeper wouldn’t accept any foreign currency so transactions had to completed pound for pound

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