Creative commentary plus crafty composition

More technical glitches preventing postings – hopefully all O.K. now…

As spring battles to catch a foot hold, here’s some vitality from more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • The comments expressed on a soap box should stand on their own
  • Packing it in your overnight bag is going to make for one tight squeeze on the bus
  • Time in the kitchen inspires his routine because he’s surrounded by fine crafted utensils on the cutting edge
  • On the level of that performance we can look forward to some shaky reviews
  • It seemed like he got painted into a corner until he brushed in some foliage to push it aside
  • I wish you trained you’re dog better, because he did his business on the road again
  • She nibbled very lightly on a wing and a prayer served as internal nourishment
  • If you want to avoid a pain in the butt watch out for the ends of those hockey sticks
  • Just because our pictures were taken close together doesn’t mean I want us to be on the same page of the yearbook
  • Those holes comprise an ‘executive’ layout so par for the course is only 64

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