Creative commentary plus crafty composition

(due to technical difficulties, I was unable to post this yesterday)

It would seem every day implicitly should be Earth Day, but it ain’t necessarily so…

  • Take a plant out to lunch
  • Put together a time capsule, but store it in your attic instead of in the ground
  • Don’t complain about the weather today (even if it’s justified!)
  • Avoid the temptation to distribute ‘Earth Awareness’ kits which will largely end up in regular garbage
  • Try holding your breath several times during the day to use up less of the oxygen supply
  • Let earthworms stay in the ground rather than digging them up and putting their parts on fish hooks
  • Rather than tossing out single socks, take two, cut them up at angles, then stitch them as a pair of argyles
  • Take ten minutes to talk to your pet about its heritage
  • Set up a cheering section in a nearby park for endangered species
  • When on the internet, substitute time spent on porn sites to time on corn sites

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