Creative commentary plus crafty composition

With bureaucracies, it seems their modus operandi includes being self-serving, or unclear, or worse…

  • When municipal departments are doing traffic studies, they should ensure that more than 2% of the local population is in favour of a proposed change
  • When you have a photo I.D. picture taken, it should be your choice of facial expression
  • When there are at least half a dozen service windows at the counter, a minimum of three should be staffed at all times
  • When dealing with a service agent of a company for which you’re a customer, one should not have to be a linguist in order to carry out an intelligent conversation
  • When you agree to some action after speaking with a service agent, you shouldn’t have to call back a week later to start over with someone else to straighten out the errors made by the first agent
  • When reading terms and conditions for signing up, especially on the internet, you should not have to bring out a dictionary, use eye drops, and set aside an hour, to be fully informed about what you’re forced to agree to
  • When phoning a government department, you shouldn’t have to redial twenty times to get through, only to have to listen to distracting automated invitations to click onto messages which have nothing to do with what you’re calling about, before actually speaking to someone
  • When you have been using a form sent to you for years, it shouldn’t suddenly become incumbent upon you to track it down due to unpublicized department cutbacks
  • When seeing a friend or relative in hospital, one should not have to bleed financially to pay for visitor parking
  • When one is attempting to get assistance from an elected local politician, the standard treatment by the official’s office shouldn’t be a pole dance

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