Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As the new season continues to spring leaks, here’s more warmth from enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • It would be a shame if, to make sure nice guys finish last, they have to be promised something first
  • No holds barred the shoppers from checking out other options for the limited stock
  • It was an out-of-sync move when she combined taking her shoes off and running to the store
  • The instrument-less troupe was performing a northern tour, so they were not just whistling Dixie in those shows
  • Just because you can ensure no pain, no gain in your comfort zone is guaranteed
  • No skin off my nose will be made available to bridge the gaps
  • Keeping dirt off the cuff would be much easier if you didn’t put your hand in that hole
  • They were tired of his constantly fashioning knots, so they checked the packages to see they had no strings attached
  • We took the books off the shelf to dust them in case someday they’re actually read
  • The books fell off the top of my head before I had a chance to dust them

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