Creative commentary plus crafty composition

For those focusing on the more secular potential of Easter weekend…

  • Set up a chocolate egg bobbing contest
  • Chant at flower beds slow to be showing an appearance
  • Loosen up your pitching arm by tossing stones at remaining mounds of snow
  • Go to the library and secretly make noise while moving from section to section
  • Practice next year’s April fool’s day pranks
  • Put some I.O.U. notes in gaudy bird feeders
  • Invite all your family and relatives over for dinner, then make 10% of them happy by serving sushi
  • Install ‘Closed for maintenance’ signs at the entrances of dog runs
  • Watch an entire season of a popular TV series, while making a list of the continuity errors
  • Have your own wet t-shirt contest, then hang them up to dry in spectrum order

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