Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It’s not spring yet, so here’s more warmth from enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • I wish you hadn’t lost a step but at least we have a few extras in the closet
  • Don’t worry, given it’s a Mobius strip it can’t be expected to make ends meet
  • It’s a Mexican standoff since the lady from Tijuana won’t come anywhere near our meeting
  • Their clothing lines are pricey with elaborate stitching because they’re not made of simple fabrics overseas, they’re made of money right here
  • They couldn’t afford the full licence and ceremony, so they’re just starting with a marriage of two minds
  • I suspect if you make my blood boil before taking out a sample, I won’t mind the hot needle
  • I don’t think even a magician could make you lose your shirt as easily as you do it yourself
  • Since he won’t commit to which time of year he enjoys most, we’ll have to slot him in as a man for all seasons
  • O.K., a groundhog is not a cow, just milk it for all it’s worth and we’ll cope the best we can
  • Look, I’ll need the change for the coffee machine, so Monday morning, quarterback please

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