Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The Marketplace – selling stories:

(a) “I had no idea that selling oneself was going to be such a huge part of the process, and that your ability to write is secondary only to your ability to walk in to a room and present your idea…  a script is already a description of a thing.  It’s a description of a movie. So to be describing the description of a thing…  But that’s how you get the job.”

(b) “Most writers are somewhat introverted, and yet we all know writers who are just wonderful salesmen, who bring in a lot of bells and whistles and humor when they go into a pitch. You know, it sounds wonderful, and they have a great force of personality.  The important thing to remember is that every career has people that are like that…  Don’t try to become what you’re not…  What matters is whether you can convey your enthusiasm for what you’re doing to the person who is in a position to buy it. If you think of it less as selling and more as just explicating what’s in your mind and heart…then your natural way of being will be compelling.”

(c) “You have to be wise…  You can’t come in with an Armani suit on…  You have to be authentic.  You’re a writer…  You have to be writer-like: eccentric, a little wily, a little confused – but when you answer back, it’s so sharp you could cut them with it…  Being writer-like is pretending to be not as smart as you really are, and then turning it on.”

Excerpted quotes from (a) Guinevere Turner & (b) Denis Palumbo & (c) Antwone Fisher                                                                          Tales from the Script (2010)

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