Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Officially at 2:00 am tomorrow morning the annual switch to daylight savings time occurs.

Most people think of this as potentially losing some sleep, and having our biological clocks adjust to the hour’s difference (and looking forward to light later in the day).  Apparently for some, the reconciliation process can take a few days.

However, illusory investigation has revealed many other little known or considered adjustments:

  • Many species of birds are intimidated by the changed pattern of ambient sounds as they prepare to seek outdoor feeders early in the morning
  • Soap manufacturers have to cope with the slight drop in sales due to people being deemed clean an extra hour for the day
  • A number of pet owners report their dogs have stressed throats from starting to bark one hour sooner
  • Young people used to sleeping in late are upset that they will still be doing so but with less rest
  • Late night TV schedule users, already dealing with confusing listings of multi-channel, multi-service providers, yet compressed formats, are further disoriented trying to figure out what program ends or starts when
  • Night shift workers save on use of eye drops and caffeine drinks
  • Insomniacs have their annual ‘one less hour to worry about’ celebration
  • Tropical fish will be confused about the delay to glass bottom boat feeding times
  • Those who misremember or alter axioms can have ‘spring back, fall forward’ consequences
  • Protest marches are seldom held on the Sunday due to confusion about when people will actually show up

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