Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It’s that time of the year when Top 10 lists abound, so…

  • Hockey players receiving penalties of five minutes or more should have the option of serving time later in community service
  • Golfers should use green balls to be more respectful of nature
  • Baseball’s ‘World Series’ should encompass teams of more than one country
  • Football ‘Bowl’ games should include a culinary tie-in by offering soup or salad at half time
  • Fingerprint powder should be liberally used on tennis court lines so viewers can see where the ball hits the court without having to wait for it on video
  • Swimmers should use clear bathing suits so viewers can see how clean the water is
  • All shots sunk in a basketball game should only count for one point, so they are actually meaningful
  • Athletes spitting while sitting on the bench should have to clean up after the game
  • Sponsor naming rights for sports team equipment or stadiums should include disclaimers about the sponsor’s products
  • The national anthem should be played once the game finishes so those fans who don’t want to hear it yet again can leave

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