Creative commentary plus crafty composition

This is the third of a mini-series devoted to the notion that, despite what passes for ‘reality show’ entertainment today, there is always room for marketing a less meaningful or evocative concept.  

  • DRIVER vs. POTHOLE:  In search of the plenitude of potholes encountered wherever a road is laid bare of upkeep, we travel through both urban and rural lands, filming wherever deterioration adds to the gauntlet.  Excruciating impacts on driver and vehicle while dancing among these often unavoidable traps are captured in real-life dramas, while maintenance crews attempt to catch up and patch up.  Enter the on-line contest to see if your route gets our attention and gets you ‘road warrior of the week’!  Start your engines, and have the spare tires ready.
  • WRAPPING IT UP:  The largely uncovered world of wrapping is opened up to closer inspection.  From an elegant gift wrap for a special occasion to the quick fold up newspaper at a fish market we consider the giver, maybe searching for a sixth sense message in a wrapping design, maybe wanting to limit unlucky aquarium refugees from leaking through, as well as the recipient, the end opener of coverings from the multicoloured to the mundane.  It’s a journey where the end for one reveals a new beginning for another.
  • SAYING IT RIGHT:  In a truly unusual focus involving the quality of our speech, we consider the range of audible distractions affecting our spoken messages. From the recordings of person-on-the-street interviews, public speeches, and broadcasts, our attention is brought to the ever present sounds of ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘you know’, ‘okay’, plus the connective crutches ‘and’ or ‘so’, which interfere all too often with our attempts at clearer communication. We see how cultural and generational dependence on short form, or lazy, texting and typing add to the clash with the elegance and clarity of well chosen, well spoken words.

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