Creative commentary plus crafty composition

This is the second of a mini-series devoted to the notion that, despite what passes for ‘reality show’ entertainment today, there is always room for marketing a less meaningful or evocative concept.  

  • TRUE TALES of BIKING TAIL WINDS: Against the backdrop of the universal challenge to bike riders wherein any noticeable breeze seemingly is always in their faces, we hear stories of travelers who have actually enjoyed the wind at their backs.  Their accounts cover riding on long rural roads, exhaustingly windy mountain trails, and all manner of paths in-between.  What for many has only been an elusive dream becomes the stuff of exhilaration for the lucky.  Any biking enthusiast will find motivation to put the pedal to the metal.
  • HAPPY TREES and OTHER FLORA:  Inspired by the soothing idiom of a sadly missed ‘wet on wet’ artist of iconic stature, we seek out mother nature’s exhibition of secure plant life across North America.  From hills to valleys, from forests to fields, the canvas of tranquil trees and bushes highlights pictorial peace with other plants and flowers. Green and yellow, shade and light, co-mingle with solicitude. Being one with nature’s flora has never been more vibrant or uplifting.
  •  UP FOR THE COUNT:  Have you ever wondered how many broken fence posts there are on an average ten kilometre stretch of country road?  Or how many promotional flyers are left intact on average after one week?  How about the number of long-range weather forecasts which prove accurate five days later?  These and other fascinating questions are what this show investigates head on – even if revelations cause an occasional disturbed slumber, you can take comfort in knowing the number of average sheep counted before someone falls asleep.


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