Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Canadian Cannabis Slogans

While cannabis is now officially legal in Canada, there are limitations for any versions of advertising or outright promotion (and there are some understandable reasons why).

So here’s a Top 10 list of laid-back slogans various and sundry parties may wish to use, perhaps to raise a leaf to for a little inspiration…

  • Now you know what growth investing means
  • We’re not looking to nip this in the bud
  • The on-line world is certainly buzzed
  • To air is pungent, to dip in if inclined
  • This is the best way to put strains in your relationship
  • It’s time to try on a new roll
  • Picking out weeds has never been a higher calling
  • Let us pick a number and bask in the glow
  • Mary Jane, we expect many public appearances
  • We don’t weed out anyone on paper

It’s taking less time now to discover things in the air.

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