Creative commentary plus crafty composition

We have become party to a panoply of leisure travel destinations, embellished by baby boomers entering the retirement lifestyle mode in ever-greater numbers.  With this comes the need to satisfy an ever-widening array of interests or concerns, while communicating with a range of cultures.

There is an abundance of information in both printed and on-line forms, not to mention anecdotal tips one may encounter.  Books in full size to pocket size offer flexibility and quick access for travelers on the move, who do not want to be dependent on connecting devices.  (Of course, many younger trip takers prefer the latter.)

Notwithstanding an impressive degree of helpful information and tips, from itinerary suggestions to foreign language words and expressions, not everything can be covered which the modern day vacationer may be fascinated with, or faced with.  For example, where can one obtain a GPS tattoo, so as to feel constantly attached to its memories?

What are fifteen of the avant-garde questions being posed by today’s seekers of sights?

  • How easily can I pay with bitcoin?
  • How can I get tickets I forgot to reserve for sold-out venues?
  • Can re get a smart device to help us choose our meals?
  • Can I reserve a roped-off tent on the beach during the busiest time of day?
  • Where can we find an assistant to put our monogram on whatever we buy?
  • Is it impolite to walk off with more than one chunk of a local landmark?
  • What’s the best excursion to book if you’re cheap but want to explore as much as possible?
  • What parts of the town is it O.K. to paint red?
  • Is there a mix of attire colour which most impresses the service staff?
  • Would it be inappropriate to use a 3D printer scan on that?
  • Is there a problem with leaving a fire alarm to guard one’s stuff at the beach?
  • Can I change some of the street signs into my first language?
  • If we’re late could they just send the boat back?
  • What nationality gets the best service around here?
  • Would it be possible to have a quick background on food components one is expected to consume for the first time?

Yes, going with the flow is great, as long as it flows in the right direction.


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