Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Black Day in November

 (with apologies & deference to Gordon Lightfoot) 

 Black day in November

Friday deal madness has struck the world at large

And through malls and the internet

You can see it in their eyes

The cash and cards are flowing

And the browsers left aside

Black day to remember

Black is green inside

And the fingers on the keyboards are keyed into the sites

As the orders and the shipping are arranged far into night

Yes, the younger and the older worry not about their bytes

Black day as a spender

Black is green inside

As the day wears on the psyche is reviewing all around

The near-buys and the misses are strewn along the ground

While something better elsewhere

Is waiting to be found

Black day in November

Black is green inside

‘Get a deal’ madness takes hold of the masses

And the sleepless are rewarded

And the sales build to fever

And the retailers see the light

And the…

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