Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As summer in the northern hemisphere veers toward its official start early next week, here’s some benefits we can look forward to…

  • Omnipresent urban construction makes driving a more mentally engaging experience
  • The sound of birds chirping at 4:30 am is a great way to start the day
  • Politicians and other officials no longer have to provide their own hot air
  • Even watered down comments can be refreshing
  • More chances for olfactory soaking in of neighbours’ unsavoury BBQ habits
  • Travel opportunities abound to see if roadside washrooms are any cleaner than last year
  • TV fare tends to require even less attention, making for more restful viewing
  • Since beer is only a rental anyway, there are more outdoor options for ‘disposal’
  • Ice becomes a drink additive rather than a reminder of seemingly endless hockey
  • This may be the year the ice cream truck finally plays a different endless tune

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