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‘What the Experts Say’

Is there a qualifier much more annoying that seeing a new flash, or being told by someone, that a given statement is validated because it’s ‘according to experts’? Apparently this means the case is closed. No need to linger, nothing more to see here.

Who are these, often unidentified, people or groups comprising the title of ad hoc ‘experts’? (more…)

TOP 10 Omitted Census Questions

It’s census time. Notwithstanding a google search implying Canadians are showing ‘enthusiasm’ since its launch via mail this week leading to a huge influx of internet traffic, one suspects this is primarily for one or both of two reasons: to make sure one is not part of the 25% selected for the long version; and to get it over with. (Perhaps a follow-up email could verify this by census.) As seemingly intrusive as questions are, there remain many unexplored areas… (more…)

They Are Not Tripping

According to a report in the April issue of The Insurance & Investment Journal, the travel industry is seeing many incentive trips for sales leaders sailing into the sunset.

A number of top insurance firms in Canada have announced, or are unveiling, plans to veer away from such programs, beginning with industry giant Great-West Life. (more…)