Creative commentary plus crafty composition

There are many popular phrases which have a built-in double entendre; this can stem from the individual words, or from the expression itself, open to tangential, perhaps oxymoron, interpretations; when these are applied to stripped down storytelling (ideally with clothes still on), the imagination can be pushed onto a different path…

Warning: If it looks like a new beginning, chances are the old beginning needed to have an upgrade.

Suppose one is living in a stately mansion, which implies not having provincial furniture. Try holding stately affairs, and you’ll find out the gossip press loves that kind of elegant openness. However, if such an event holds an earthly charm, watch out for soiled looks from guests.

Sometimes people will seek out a blank slate to establish their own tableau. Certainly, proximity to a quarry helps to ensure availability.

There are happenings where some will throw in a red herring, aware the tide may be out for any other colours. Others may respond with a blown fuse; hopefully an electrician will be nearby to take the charge out of the situation. The electrician should also stand by in case a shocking revelation arises.

The more daring will hunt for a cryptic message, hopefully, not having to enter many vaults, given the environs of what could be clearly a grave situation. While searching, thrill seekers also should watch out for fallen idols. Luckily, many of these are living public figures, so easily avoidable.

Another potential danger could come from encountering a black hole; sticking to the nearest golf course should alleviate this. Checking out fissures where there could be natural gas could lead to a blast from the past. Observing a shaky foundation could be a subtle clue. If misled, the adventurer could feel a nameless dread; this is really tough to identify.

If one encounters a fork in the road; just pulling it out and cleaning it could take time. The quandary of which path to follow could create a real conundrum; a false conundrum would exacerbate this even more.

Perhaps the most laid-back approach would be to explore a range of options. Some distance could be involved, along with dirt roads and limited landmarks. Very unlikely to find there a bowl of cherries, even if one leaves no stone unturned.

There’s potentially a graceful exit by seeking out an establishment with a games table, looking for someone to deal the turn of a friendly card. After all, at times success requires pulling out all the stops, also ensuring that neither tub nor sink overflows.

Yes, few elements impact a story as much as choosing images wisely!


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