Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Thanks to 24/7 news and entertainment reporting, there are cascading varieties of bumper headlines these days…

  • Can/Am leaders kiss, test results positive
  • Early bird doesn’t adjust to daylight savings time, loses worm
  • Hot Canadian housing markets turning molehills into mountains
  • Essential oils becoming more valuable than fuel oils
  • Infrastructure becomes most googled four syllable term
  • New revelations that clinical trials are avoiding jury option  
  • Artists put down brushes, lobby for sky to remain blue
  • Digital superheroes unable to mentor current graduating class
  • Millennial declares, “I went to a rally, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”
  • First annual face-lift competition falls flat in ratings
  • Outdoor concert goers requested to step on less grass
  • Adage updated: when the going gets tough, the tough seek new counsel

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