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Another TOP 10 Lesser Valentine’s Day Sayings


The day is here

  • A kiss makes the heart feel young, but there may still be a role for Botox and a facelift
  • I’m like a kid back in kindergarten, I send out Valentine’s cards with postage due
  • It may be a love-bite, but I’m going to get a shot for it just in case (more…)

TOP 10 Lesser Valentine’s Day Sayings


In anticipation of the special day forthcoming this weekend

  • If you live to be 100, I’ll know to keep the insurance claim handy
  • They invented hugs to let people know you love them and that your arm exercises have been working
  • The hours I spend with you are like a perfumed garden, which is unlucky as I have an allergy to strong scents (more…)

Being Humourous Without Boundaries


An article in the current month’s edition of Toastmaster magazine addresses a tricky issue in the field of humour: managing to be funny while minimizing negative cultural fallout.

As those who have given talks outside their native land (or even to sectors within it) have come to recognize, what’s funny here may not be considered funny there. (more…)

Memorable Quotes: Tales of Screenwriters – Part Thirty

Taking Charge – in directly:

(a) “Why did I direct twenty-one pictures? Because I wanted to control every aspect of my own movies, and have a great time making them…  I had a good time making ‘em, but I still had to deal with all kinds of vagaries of weather and sound and crew and actors.  It doesn’t have the purity of simply painting a picture, composing a song, or sculpting, or writing.  That’s something you do all by yourself.” (more…)

TOP 10 Provocative Communiqués from Pets


If pets could actually communicate remarks and comments, what might they be

  • I’m not the only one who benefits from a walk, as you would know if you looked in a mirror
  • If you didn’t want me to scratch the furniture, you should have taped some treats there
  • Sure, I’ll run after it, but only after you make a fool of yourself encouraging me (more…)

Mental Traffic Calming Measures


These days, certainly in Ottawa and I suspect in many other major urban centres, there is increasing attention being paid to what are termed ‘traffic calming measures’.  This expression is essentially a euphemism for reducing traffic speed.  It is especially relevant given budgetary challenges for continuing to have police officers do roadside enforcement.  Presumably not enough is made up in fines to cover the marginal utility costs of having officers lurking and checking. (more…)

The Deeper Meaning of Groundhog Day


It’s February 2nd, traditionally known as ‘Groundhog Day’, in which a few of these critters, or their cousins, appear in various locations across Canada and the U.S., to supposedly ‘predict’ the early or late (read normal, per the calendar) arrival of Spring.  In many places, celebrations take place to mark the occasion, most famously in the U.S. at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and in Canada at Wiarton, Ontario. (more…)