Creative commentary plus crafty composition


If pets could actually communicate remarks and comments, what might they be

  • I’m not the only one who benefits from a walk, as you would know if you looked in a mirror
  • If you didn’t want me to scratch the furniture, you should have taped some treats there
  • Sure, I’ll run after it, but only after you make a fool of yourself encouraging me
  • How come that diver can stay underwater in our aquarium so long?
  • Frankly, if I really knew where that came from I probably wouldn’t eat it either
  • You should try out the sleeping arrangement from my point of view
  • Did you count the seeds this time so we get an equal share?
  • It’s not really how many times you stroke me, it’s where, if you know what I mean
  • If you want me to behave nicely with neighbours, give me some signals
  • You guys need to understand better what species can get along and what ones don’t

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