Creative commentary plus crafty composition


For those of us coping with life in cold & snowy climes, especially after a snowmageddon…

  • Cut holes in the ice and hunt for lost coins
  • Learn to hibernate
  • Hide things where you can find them so you’re constantly getting warm looking
  • Plant snowballs, melt more snow to water them, and see if they grow
  • Build a gauntlet of snowmen (looking unisex, of course) to ward off unwelcome
  • Have a dry skin conditioning contest with family and friends
  • Pretend the wind really is whistling Dixie
  • Eat spicy foods throughout the day, enjoy the sensation of heat (and stock up on bathroom tissue)
  • Translate the collected works of Shakespeare into modern English (while extending the effort into the ides of March)
  • Start a society of cold & flu medication collectors

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