Creative commentary plus crafty composition


Recent negative market volatility is part of a long term trend – of ongoing market volatility.  How can we remain invested and cope with it?

  • Stay in bed and avoid contact with television, radio, or internet
  • Learn to savour the tastes of bread and water
  • Go on a treasure hunt finding items that may be worth money at a flea market
  • Take comfort in knowing your investment income tax will be lower again
  • Stop sending thank you notes to your advisor or broker
  • If you’re a self-investor, find your doppelganger to blame problems on
  • Listen to motivational tips which lure you into a short-term sense of confidence
  • Watch movies about the subject so you can compare fact to fiction
  • Use your nicest flowing pen to list issues which worry you more
  • Diversify with other asset types, since they can’t be much worse

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