Creative commentary plus crafty composition


There is still so much we don’t know

  • Why is the wind against you no matter what direction you are biking?
  • Who is prepared to prove no two snowflakes are the same?
  • Isn’t it time for artificial sweeteners to start helping the medicine go down?
  • How do we know the path of least resistance won’t end at a point of resistance?
  • Why is it called a ‘knuckleball’ when that’s one part of the finger not used to throw?
  • Where is the certainty that a rolling stone gathers no moss?
  • When did the daily newspaper shift from news oriented to try to find the news oriented?
  • Why do people have to park their cars as insufferably close as possible to my driver’s side?
  • Who worked out the calculation that a picture is worth a thousand words?
  • What is the ranking of platitudes in the scale of hyperbole?

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