Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Halloween is on the horizon, so ‘liven up’ the occasion with enriched clichés (with the originals in italics):

  • He put a small audio recording in the folder so when opened it sounds like a plan
  • Spinning your wheels means you’re going to need one large and sturdy tabletop
  • A consequence of stabbing a utensil into your mouth is you’ll speak with a forked tongue
  • We’re so low on butter and margarine we may have to spread the word in order to make those sandwiches
  • Pardon the wet spots, but we had to carve the pumpkin based on a spitting image since we didn’t have any markers
  • Since the lower levels are so messy the captain ordered passengers to stack the deck for a while
  • Whatever the squeaky wheel gets the grease will still be readily available as last resort
  • Did you hear about the group of Hollywood artists who would like to hold a vote to secede with their new State of The Art?
  • His follicles are so unresponsive he’s forced into splitting hairs in order to get his hat on
  • Since all that’s left is the stem the tide doesn’t get blocked by that huge tree anymore

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