Creative commentary plus crafty composition

We are now in the August presence of more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • We’ve been notified that the rolling stone gathers no moss until well enough compensated
  • The blast of air was for such a short time it was called a second wind
  • Be sure to rub salt in the wound if you see the saline levels going down too fast
  • If you place the three mirrors at the correct angles you will indeed see eye to eye
  • The masseuse rubs me the wrong way, but in some ways it can feel good
  • Be sure you can see the whole field of corn to determine where the field of dreams should be
  • You shouldn’t have to run for your money just because it got away from you  
  • Separate the men from the boys before the group uniform orders are taken
  • Serve up a fat pitch and your ad agency won’t be getting further consideration
  • Don’t get upset the table will still look O.K. after a nice new cloth is put on it

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