Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The heat is on, so here’s a dose of more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • That concoction is really smelling up the place so please put a lid on it
  • As we read the riot act our troupe will be rehearing the most action-packed part of the play
  • We’d better put it on ice if we want the skating exhibition to attract fans
  • We need a red herring to complement the rainbow trout and yellow fin tuna
  • When you raise your fingers, put two and two together, tilt them in a V, and you have the Vulcan greeting
  • We’re missing cuticle scissors, so you’ll need to put your foot in your mouth to trim those toenails
  • There’s a special red carpet treatment available to get out the stain without affecting the rich colour
  • It will be like reinventing the wheel when the CEO comes out of his treatment facility
  • That suit is trump this hand, so if you want to take the trick put your heart in it
  • If you gamble all the rest on your laurels you won’t have any credits to fall back on

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