Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Just about any formal organization or informal group needs some degree of active leadership…

  • Celebrate member accomplishments by organizing a party and nominating the member as designated driver
  • At meetings walk softly, speak positively, and carry two heavy sticks
  • Arrange a formal ceremony to install the leadership team, including a blood oath to ensure commitment
  • Encourage open discussion among members without interruption or judgement, unless of course something is said you disagree with
  • Demonstrate your skills in guiding member growth by giving them more responsibility, especially if liability issues are possible
  • Initiate setting a group success strategy, delegate tasks to engender participation, and stay well rested to garner any accolades
  • Develop a referral fee arrangement with a clothing supplier, then set down a uniform dress code for members to showcase harmony
  • Be accessible to members as much as possible, except when you turn off your phone or are doing something else
  • Ensure all members really buy into group goals by charging them a fee
  • Understand that conflict resolution is important, so be prepared to adjudicate with honourable methods such as arm wrestling, charades, or blowing bubbles

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