Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As we move toward summer, travel planning and potential protections become more of an issue

  • Beware policies issued using lettering taken from cut up newspapers
  • Watch for policy disclaimers which exclude using any form of transportation
  • Make sure a discount applies if you’re required to take a blood oath
  • Don’t worry about confusing language in the policy document, since it comes down to crossing your fingers anyway
  • Since coverage is usually meant for emergencies, be sure to have your own supply of underwear
  • Apply for coverage in advance, so you don’t get too flustered to spell your name & address correctly
  • Where beneficiary naming applies be careful if that person insists on being your travel buddy
  • Statistically there’s only about a 5% chance of your claim being denied, so if in doubt go for it
  • While it’s likely the traveler has some pre-conditions, there may be some the insurer needs to have
  • Previously you may have collected travel pictures worth many thousands of words, but they don’t have any space on the application

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