Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Holiday weekend time, with more enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • Sitting on your toes is a good way to create compressed toenails
  • I’ll ask you to pencil it in, just so we have a complete box of your colouring
  • One good turn deserves another turn as a bonus, which ends when overturned
  • Apparently the closed book didn’t take up enough space, so an open book policy was adapted
  • If a penny for your thoughts doesn’t appeal to you, how about a quarter for your expectations?
  • The atmosphere improved greatly once the chili eaters ran out of gas
  • The new version of Monopoly may switch passing GO & collecting $200 to pay as you go
  • One in a million times is about as good odds as that contest will generate
  • Forth coming, once burned, twice shy, thrice watchful
  • I would like to phone it in the comfort of my vacation property, so I can hear it’s reaction

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