Creative commentary plus crafty composition

As a long-time Toastmaster, here are some suggestions for addressing a common anxiety

  • Don’t go out in public
  • Learn from dealing with pets: use an encouraging voice, repeat main themes, and have treats handy
  • Develop multiple personalities, and practice speaking to them
  • Schedule a speaking engagement right before a dental appointment, so it will seem a lesser dread
  • Pretend you’re delivering a talk in your underwear ensuring you’ll hold the audience’s attention
  • Break your speech into 30 second segments and check to see if you’re still breathing
  • Learn some snappy heckling comebacks
  • Watch videos and listen to tapes of great speakers to develop the time-honoured tradition of plagiarism
  • Remember that only a small proportion of what we fear actually happens, so get into some trouble before the talk to improve your odds
  • Keep in mind your audience is pulling for you to do well unless they really know you

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