Creative commentary plus crafty composition

It’s that time for tax filing deadlines, i.e. April 30th in Canada and April 15th in the U.S.  How can this process be made less stressful or perhaps more rewarding?

  • Allow returns to be filed any time in the calendar year (which altruistically helps stagger workloads for tax authorities)
  • Permit opting out of completing schedules too complicated (i.e. ‘taxing’) to understand or interpret
  • Permit filers to select any background colours for forms, so they feel more personal
  • If filing a paper return, provide an environmental opt-out option, so that supporting slips and forms are not required in order to help save trees
  • Have a lottery-type option: permit the deliberate filing of one form incorrectly, and it it’s not caught by the tax authority within one month of filing, no tax is owing; however, if it is caught in that time, then you have to negotiate for favourable terms
  • Allow a one-time ‘mulligan’: if the filer is too tired or busy to complete the return on time, let that person add the applicable information to next year’s return, without any penalty tax
  • Anyone getting a refund can request a letter of congratulations to accompany their cheque or deposit notification
  • Anyone having to pay can request a condolence card with handwritten notes of empathy

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