Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Still more of the warming glow of enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • I only look at it palm up, so to suggest I know it like the back of my hand will not reveal much
  • We don’t have to convert the bygones to our way of behaving, so just let bygones be bygones
  • If she doesn’t know when to stop droning on, it will keep on ticking us off
  • Kick some butt if you need to hit something really small while being environmentally sensitive
  • In yet another example of political correctness, some local schools on race day will list the final runners as last but not least
  • If you want to see how it was wrapped in the book, first pull off the pages and then knock the cover off the ball
  • If you laugh all the way to the bank you’ll be noticed by everyone else riding on the bus
  • I understand his stand-up routine is so gritty because he often walks along the shore looking for a line in the sand
  • Here’s a thought: keep your eyes open wide enough to let some light in your brain
  • They’re concerned about visual consistency in the long arm of the law, so hiring gangly officers may be helpful

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