Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Happy New Year – a new batch of enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • If your watch stops working, we’ll rush into the field and depend on just a cotton pickin’ minute
  • Look, That is on trial, I’m in charge here, so I’ll be the judge of That
  • The winner of our mid-winter survival contest will be in the hot seat of a new car at 5:00 pm tomorrow
  • It’s not over till it’s over is the reminder formula to flip evenly for good pancakes
  • In the proposed Esperanto version of time identification, measuring in the nick of time will be equal to a minute
  • You have to jump on the bandwagon because they’re not slowing down for anybody
  • She plans to swallow a mini-calculator hoping people will realize that with her it’s what’s on the inside that counts
  • I didn’t want to eat the whole dark chocolate cake at once, so I’ve had it up to here
  • It’s in the bag since we didn’t have any other ready place to store It after capture
  • The jury is still out of the coarsely grained voting markers they want in order to avoid leaving fingerprints

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