Creative commentary plus crafty composition

And yet again, a batch of enlivened clichés (with the original in italics):

  • If we had three of them, getting off on the wrong foot wouldn’t be a big problem
  • I know a show-off ballplayer who will play any position, and he’ll handle it with kid gloves
  • If, on the one hand haste makes waste, then doing a slow burn really saves land fills
  • Getting the stuffing beaten out of you is much more dangerous if you haven’t eaten any turkey
  • You can have the last laugh just as long as you leave at least one chuckle or two grins
  • His elevator doesn’t go the top floor, but it does go two floors lower than shows in the blueprint
  • If it wasn’t that occasionally I beg to differ, too many people would agree with me all the time
  • He never has to worry about accidentally stepping in something unpleasant because his eyes are bigger than his stomach
  • Maybe no one else will give you a lift, but you can always be hoisted by your own petard
  • I have no bones about that side of the attic, but there are some scattered on the other side

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