Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Here’s yet another batch of enlivened examples (with the original in italics):

  • He’s walking around with a feather in his hat so people will know he’s feeling light headed
  • If you go out on a limb, make sure the person you’re walking on is well-braced
  • It wouldn’t be so bad to clean up after dogs if they had droppings like flies
  • Everything’s hunky dory in the boat shop for the ‘wide berth’ seafarer
  • No one wants a fly in the ointment especially when it’s from a guy’s pants
  • Getting your ducks in a row is the easiest way to pose them for a picture
  • It’s time to fix those bird feeders, so the seeds will be sure to fall through the cracks
  • When the thrill seeker crashed after jumping into a cavern they said he was good to the last drop
  • It’s admirable to go the extra mile, except outside the U.S. where you have to go at least 1.6 kilometers
  • Getting your foot in the door is quite stressful if the rest of you is walking back to the car

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