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Remembering 9/11

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the initial event of the tentacled, multi-dimensional saga known as ‘9/11’?

For starters, it was a Tuesday.  In my case, I had just dropped off our boys at high school and was on my way back home to start my work day.  Listening to a news/talk radio station, a bulletin came in shortly before 9:00 am that what was believed to be a small plane had crashed into the side of one of the twin World Trade Centre buildings, quite possibly by accident.  As we all know, from this beginning emerged a series of actions and revelations, low-lighted by the collapse of the towers, which effectively changed the landscape of the world, most obviously the U.S.

Yesterday, I asked a fellow Toastmaster member of similar age if he recalled where he was when hearing about the first event; to my surprise and chagrin, he wasn’t sure.  Seems to me this is the kind of situation a socially responsible person should make an effort to remember.

Today is the 13th anniversary.  There’s a certain amount of irony in that.  For many people, the number 13 is to be regarded with suspicion if not outright avoidance.  Let’s face it, some buildings still do not theoretically have a 13th floor. Yet many athletes choose to wear that number.  More pointedly, I suspect the lost souls of the twin towers would happily trade what happened for the chance to debate the significance of numbers 13 years later.

It puts days of frustration which we typically experience along the way (as I did yesterday) into a very objective, sobering perspective.

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