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Best Dress Guess

This time of year is very tricky for dressing outdoors, especially if one is vulnerable to humidity on one hand or chills on the other.

Typically, now that daylight is shorter (see my commentary June 21st) temperatures cool off faster in evening, and naturally rise more slowly in the mornings.  Assuming humidity is not an issue, the clothing adjustment is to the longer and thicker side.  However, this time of year can still bring warm to hot daytime temperatures, feeling more so if humidity is prevalent.  Therefore, comfort suggests back to shorter and lighter in the afternoon.  This can mean three changes of clothes overall.

Or more.  If one has a formal or work-related engagement, this likely demands a shift to dress wear.  When I was working as a financial consultant, working primarily from home, I often had to change my look if going to an appointment or business affair.  After the event, one may well wish to dress down again. (How many of us really dress like Frasier in our own home?) If it’s late in the day, the dress code may be even more casual.

If at some point one goes for a jog, or bike ride, or to the gym, this implies yet another adjustment to our attire.

In short, we may face half-a-dozen choices or combinations of clothing just to get through a busy day.

Then, what to wear in bed…

P.S. Don’t you wish people with Illustrated Man versions of tattoos were less inclined to share their look with the public?  Please feel free to show it off at home or among friends, where the esoteric artistry and colour might be appreciated.

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