Creative commentary plus crafty composition

The immutable groundswell of sponsorships in so many walks of life has few avenues unexplored.

With the historical outlets of the media, print seems to have dislodged content depth in favour of diversity of marketing appeals.  You can hardly take a breath on radio or television without it being sponsored by (fill in the advertiser) or one of their brethren.                                                                                                              

Once upon a time you could go to a movie, and actually see only entertainment on the screen.  

Professional sports teams have sponsor names prominently displayed on their uniforms. Golf tournaments, lamentably, are no longer named for a city or famous name, which gave them some sense of place or context, they’re named for a big corporation. 

Public events and facilities are dominated visually by logos of supporting entities.   

Of course, the internet is awash with bombardments of advertising hits.  It’s difficult to see anything on YouTube without enduring delayed gratification.

Therefore, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Before proceeding any further with this commentary, I would like to welcome (fill in the advertiser) as a sponsor.  I’m sure the important message of (fill in the advertiser) will add greatly to the meaningfulness of your reading experience. 

And don’t forget to support (fill in the advertiser).  After all, our medium might as well be for their message.     

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