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Top 10 Sales Tips

Since almost a year ago I transferred the financial planning and sales torches to colleagues, I thought it altruistic to reveal some words of wisdom and experience.


5. Have a bath or shower more than once a week.

4. When working at a booth, avoid tripping prospects to get their attention.

3. Increase your vocabulary of greetings beyond “Huh?”

2. Minimize the number of things living in your hair.

1. If you are chewing on fingernails, do it discreetly and make sure they’re your own.


5. Their children ask if they can take you to class for ‘Show & Tell’.

4. The prospect rummages through your briefcase for an application.

3.  A video of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is replaced with “Field of Dreams”.

2. The electrified fence around the chequebook is turned off.

1. A Brinks delivery truck pulls up in the driveway.

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