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Did you know…

Did you know that in the U.S. what we know as ‘garage sales’ are commonly identified as ‘tag sales’? Although one suspects that stickers will often fill-in for tags there, just as they do here, at least the activity description is more in the ballpark.  Unless it rains.  In which case the merchandise may well find itself back in a garage with the tags removed or damaged by water. Yet, I’ve never heard of garages or tags being sold at such redistribution events.

Something to ponder…

Did you know that there’s no way of knowing, short of counting each one as one drives by, how many telephone polls there are between one town and another?  No solid way of knowing. Unless, of course, one contacts the area electric company department which compiles such data. The best way to be sure is to count while driving one way, leaving a water bottle on the road shoulder parallel to each pole, then turn around, and in the process of picking up the bottles on the way back, see if the total is the same.

Something to try…



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