Creative commentary plus crafty composition


With Canada’s P.M. doing a modern version of dining with the king this week in Washington, D.C., this is an opportunity to reflect on Canadian and American similarities….

  • Both countries feature loonies, in one case in currency, in the other case in elected office
  • Canadian performers go to the U.S. to find fame and make a fortune, while American producers come to Canada to find fame and save a fortune
  • Both countries have a Tea Party, but Canada’s version connects with music
  • The bizarre depths explored to dredge subject matter for reality TV programs know no borders
  • Canada’s monarch is a full-time figurehead, the U.S. President is a figurehead every fourth year
  • Professional athletes ignore borders while on their quest to ‘follow the money’
  • Both countries celebrate Thanksgiving with turkeys and football games, which sometimes intermingle
  • Canadian tourists visit the U.S. looking for warmth during winter, American tourists visit Canada hoping to find warmth during the summer
  • Pollution and climate change are happy topics of conversation
  • Toll booths and speed traps pop up unexpectedly, spicing the adventure for drivers exploring either country

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