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Memorable Quotes # 34

It’s federal election day in Canada – let’s recall how a famous humourist once described the scene

“…everybody who has ever seen Mariposa knows just what election day is like.  The shops, of course, are, as a matter of custom, all closed, and the bar rooms are all closed by law so that you have to go in by the back way.  All the people are in their best clothes and at first they walk up and down the street in a solemn way…  Everybody keeps looking in at the different polling places to see if anybody else has voted yet, because, of course, nobody cares to vote first for fear of being fooled after all and voting on the wrong side.

In each of the polling places in Mariposa there is a returning officer and with him are two scrutineers… once the scrutineers get a man well into the voting booth, they push him in behind a little curtain and make him vote.  The voting, of course, is by secret ballot, so that no one except the scrutineers and the returning officer and the two or three people who may be around the poll can possibly tell how a man has voted.”



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