Creative commentary plus crafty composition

From a recent interview with Bill Mumy, best known for playing Will Robinson on the original LOST IN SPACE 1960s TV series…

Regarding the legacy of his experience from appearing at age seven on an award winning episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled ‘Bang, Your Dead’ (1961):

“I think he enjoyed scaring me… While Billy was standing on a mark for a close-up, but fidgeting after a long day of filming, Hitchcock got out of his chair, went up to him, and whispered in his ear (verbatim) ‘If you don’t stop moving about, I’m going to get a nail, and I’m going to nail your feet to your mark, and the blood will come pouring out like milk, so stop moving!’… And I just froze, and I stood there, and they got their close-up… I maintain if he had just said, ‘I was just kidding pal, thanks buddy’, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.  But it has been a big deal to me for fifty years.”

“I know he made great movies, and I know he’s Alfred Hitchcock, and everything else, but he’s very low on my list.”

                                                                   Via the ‘Archive of American Television’

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