Creative commentary plus crafty composition

When we see the proliferation of media attention and events surrounding the world of collecting, we can be sure its net is being cast deeper and further than in the past.

There are a couple of obvious reasons for this evolution.

In the beginning, and perhaps almost since the beginning, people have been collectors.  From the ancient cultures who made early versions of coinage as well as items made of precious metals or gem stones to the archeologists and others who have uncovered them over the years, there has been fascination with antiquity.  While the historical, cultural side has been the appeal for some, item rarity and potential market value has been the allure for others.  Even to this day there are attempts to uncover another gold rush.

Cultural diversity of expression combines with technological enhancement in presentation.  Along with the hydra-like expansion of broadcast media types including social, these factors have permitted growth in publicizing all sides of collecting.  In visual media, the spectrum goes from the more traditional purchasing venues of shopping channels and auctions, releases shows about hunting for catchy finds in attics or storage lockers, and then goes into unusual, unexpected niches, sometimes built by celebrities.

There are more avenues, such as this web blog.

This also has evolved an expansive range of research sources for data and comment about seemingly any given area of collecting.

In future postings for this theme, I’ll introduce some rules of thumb for sample types of collecting as well as look at common and less common categories.

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