Creative commentary plus crafty composition

Why is it that

Why is it that small towns can support the nostalgic outdoor movie option of the drive-in, but larger urban centres seemingly cannot? This picture is of a double-screen still operating (at this point in summer, daily) near Picton, south of Belleville, Ontario.  The island is host to summer tourists, burgeoning wineries, and a relatively small regular population.  

You would think that major cities such as Ottawa, Ontario, with a much larger population and tourist base, yet surrounded by a huge, nearby rural zone, could support at least one drive-in location. A number of these existed until squeezed out by urban growth.  Why doesn’t some clever marketer reach out to nostalgic baby boomers, as well as to economically inclined younger movie goers, to spearhead a rebirth in this iconic experience – perhaps, as some have done in concert with other outdoor appealing activities such a miniature golf and go-carting.    

(Note: this is a re-post from August 14th, the original post accidentally deleted.)

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