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Bricks Make the Man


This picture is of a lego bricks version of famed American humourist Mark Twain, which greets visitors to his home and museum in West Hartford, Connecticutt. It is an ironicly constructed image, in that his legacy of writing has survived like a solid brick, but a review of his life shows that he had his share of rebuilding after family and career setbacks.  Ultimately, he stands out as a foundation of historic works.

Comments on: "Bricks Make the Man" (4)

  1. Nancy Ann said:

    Did Mark Twain not invent the typewriter? Now that is solid.

    • He didn’t invent the typewriter, but he did lose $200K on a proposed new version of a typesetter, which had 18,000 parts and didn’t work. To help pay for this he went on a world speaking tour in 1895-96, including the Canadian west coast.

      • Nancy Ann said:

        Do you know who invented the original typewriter? I guess our western Canadians benefited from his “typo”!

  2. Don’t know who invented the original version. Apparently Samuel Clemons (pre-adapting his alter ego Mark Twain) at age twelve worked as a typesetter, which instilled his fascination with words. Presumably this lead to his ill-advised investment later in the 18,000 part typesetter.

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